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About Saavor

Saavor provides a SaaS technology platform, enabling seamless management & control for on-campus dining facilities and easy order processing for users. Delivery assistance is provided to kitchens if required. We help both on-campus and off-campus merchants in more ways than one. From providing them with technology to automate their kitchens to helping them with logistics and promoting safer and a more convenient environment.

We look forward to partnering up with as many organizations as possible to create a safe, convenient environment that will help both the users and the kitchens by streamlining their activities.

Our Story

In 2015 while studying for her MBA program, Saavor Co-founder and CEO Poonam Vasantha Kumar felt the urge for a home cooked meal. Not just any meal, a meal that took her back home. Her craving and desire for home cooked meal while away from home made her realize the need for such a platform. In 2019 with the help of her aunt Dr. Suneetha Thota, Poonam brought this idea to life. The idea that an app can cater to the culinary desires of anyone, anytime, is what intrigued Dr. Thota who created the right recipe for the company to be formed.

Saavor started out with an idea to connect home-chefs to consumers in their neighborhood via its mobile application platforms. The company had a successful pilot round during the first quarter of 2020. When COVID-19 hit strongly in Late March, Saavor noticed changes in its consumer habits and behaviors. In our effort towards strategic reorientation during the second quarter of 2020, the company started providing meal boxes towards health care workers and applied to several New York City’s federal government contracts. During this time, we noticed a lot of gaps/opportunities in the food industry that needed to be addressed, and hence were able to pivot our business model successfully. We will continue to license out our technology to companies that can use our platform efficiently and only include the first business model if the environment is favorable.


Our Team


Dr.Suneetha Thota

Co-Founder & Investor

A visionary MD who brings in real world experience. She was a part of the catering business in India as an investor and advisor. She adds considerable expertise, guidance, and experience to Saavor.


Poonam Vasantha Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO

A Software Engineer who completed her MBA and MIS. She has played a key role in software development, design, and fundraising efforts. She has been involved in the company full time from it’s inception.


Jerence Go

Chief Financial Officer

Executive of 2 Private Ventures in Ai technology. Has 20+ years of experience in corporate finance industries. Actively serving as an advisor to several early-stage start-ups globally. Has played a key role in streamlining the activities within the company, financials, and building a strong team.


Byron Sinor

Chief Technology Officer

Over 20 years of IT experience working for well known corporations as a lead engineer. Involved in ensuring the product operates smoothly and efficiently. Mentoring the entire tech team, he will introduce proven IT practices and new technologies to make our product more reliable and cost effective.


Dr. Arun Narayanasamy


Currently a finance and real estate professor at University of Northern Iowa. He has a PhD in finance and real estate as well as a background in computer science engineering and economics. He currently serves in an advisory role with several startups. He has played a vital role from the onset, providing key strategic and operational advice throughout our journey.


Shelly Lipton


Serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of marketing and business development experience. Actively serving as an advisor to technology start-ups. Served as interim CMO and advisor for Roomi. Helps the team with marketing, operations and strategic partnerships.


Jay Jayamohan


Jay is a serial entrepreneur who had two very successful exits In the past. He is a leading expert In disruptive innovation, design thinking and strategic management. Currently he is an adjunct faculty at George Mason and also the Executive Director for Center for innovation hub at Harrisburg University.


Eray Guven

Angel investor & Advisor

The first external angel investor to the firm. Currently serves as the head of Credit Risk Underwriting division of Barclays Capital. Has over 20 years of experience in finance and banking.