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Food from your Campus Kitchens

Pre-book your meals to avoid long lines and wait time besides tracking all your orders at one place

Saavor App

Download Saavor app to manage and track your meal orders

Campus Search

Enter a unique group code given by your campus kitchen or search using a your university name

Place order

Select your kitchen of choice and place an order for pick-up or delivery by using multiple payment options (credit/debit card, meal plan cards, gift cards).


Partnering up with schools, universities and hospitals to increase their dine-in revenues.


Meals delivered via Saavor

Pick-up and Delivery

We provide real-time tracking to manage the number of users inside the facility to pick up their orders. Deliveries are done in one or two batches daily by the kitchens.

Track and Monitor Meals

Users can now track and monitor their meals on a daily basis. We also provide an option for parents to access accounts in order to monitor their kid’s dining habits.

Food vendors

Food Safety

Our partners have their own catering contractors to manage dining options and they ensure that all of their chefs have the required food-handler’s license. All our partners understand the importance of food safety, hygiene, and the requirements of their customers.


The campus kitchens set their own profiles. Delivery or pick-up is provided as per their convenience. Saavor provides delivery services only if required by the campus kitchens.

The Menu

The menus are set by the campus kitchens, which can change frequently or on a daily basis.

Food Delivery

The kitchens either deliver the meal boxes to its customers or can choose to use Saavor Runners for meal deliveries